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This page is just to help with locating some of the major pharmacy/drug store web sites. Also scroll down the page to see some Pharmaceutical Manufacturer web sites.


Drug Checker
Type in drug names, separated by commas.


CVS pharmacy :


Eckerd Pharmacy :

Rite Aid Pharmacy :

Valu-Rite Pharmacy :

PharMor Pharmacy :

Walgreens Pharmacy :

The Medicine Shoppe :

WalMart Pharmacy :

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Web Sites

Click on the company name to go to that site.

Alcon Laboratories


Pharmacia & Upjohn

Glaxo Wellcome

Abbott Laboratories


Bausch and Lomb

Smithkline Beecham


Mallinckrodt Medical

Novo Nodrisk

More sites will be added in the near future, check later for more companies or if you like, send me an e-mail with a specific company request.

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