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Retina Information Web Site

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Visudyne - This is the Visudyne web site and it contains information on the new Photodynamic Therapy treatment for Macular Degeneration.

National Eye Institute, ARMD    -   This site will help patients and their families better understand Macular Degeneration, its causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

National Eye Institute, Diabetes  - This site answers a wide array of questions about the effects of Diabetes on the eyes. Grid - This page actually has a printable Amsler Grid! (The daily test for Macular Degeneration, just in case you forgot the one you recieved at the doctor's office!). The only down side to this site is that the directions are very small.

Macular Degeneration International - This site helps serve the needs of those people with early onset (juvenile) and late onset (age-related) macular degeneration. It also provides educational and support programs to help patients and their families cope with the disease and its effects. Information or current research is also available. A nice feature offered by this site is the option to view text in a LARGE font.

Laser surgery - This page answers some common questions about laser surgery. Be sure to to click the "return to LPEC home page" at the bottom of the page to check out the rest of the site.

Macular Degeneration Help Center - This site is presented by The Macular Degeneration Partnership, which is a coalition of researchers, physicians, and patients and their families. - This site allows patients to learn about Ophthalmologists, new technologies/treatments and find a doctor in your area.

 Anatomy of the Eye - look at and learn the anatomy of the eye courtesy of The American Academy of Ophthalmology.

 Retina and Vitreous of Texas - A great site for information about the retina. I found this site very patient friendly.

All About - The name says it all, great link, looks complicated but don't be afraid --- explore this site !!!

Vitrectomy Surgery Explanation - This is a site in England that explains Vitrectomy Surgery simply and concisely.

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Retina Specialists of Alabama - Info on Macular pucker, macular hole and cellophane maculopathy and much more. They have a great section on the menu titled patient information---check it out, very helpful !!!

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